i lost my writing skills

i lost my passion

i lost my hope that everything will happen

when its supposed to

i got lost and you never came to find me…..



anxiety is a fucking bitch.

you think your day is the best day ever

until someone says something clever

and you can’t deliver the words to say

to make it sound like your doing better

hearts race, feelings change, and people wither

we are both the same,

but you think you’re better.

forever aint long enough

facing my demons in hopes that you’ll see how strong i am.

praying for you even when i have no god.

dying inside but all you see is a smile.

i’ll say its alright but we both know I’m in denial.

when will you feel my pain?

how could you be so close to me,

and not feel my pain?


always got me thinking 

am i too much for you 

or is it that i’m way too much for me?

think i can’t handle myself? piss off 

you dont know me like you say you do 

you don’t love me like you say you do 

i could see the look in your eyes

i see right through you 

i could tell it’s all a lie

cmon what you think i been through? 

naive enough to give you the time to waste 

passionate enough to give it all to you 

and now i’m sitting here stuck wondering 

why i’m feeling blue

when i gave that feeling to you 

now i’m dealing with the consequences 

like i’m jumping fences 

doing backflips just to make sure you got an umbrella 

when it rains, it pours 

but light never fails to show the truth.

after the storm, i know it’s not you

what is

what you think might be

really isn’t

and what you think is

really isn’t

i really  wish we understood everything,

every part of our mission

i really wish we understood everything,

every part we’ve been missing

its hard to love a broken heart,

its even harder to know your the reason

slow down, stop scheming

i just want to get to know you

you just want to get even

what if we treated this like

what is love


i have not yet found a way

and even if you guide me

will you stray?

if I’m lost will you find me


when our flame turns to dust

will our ashes remember us?

or do i have to remind you

that you are a piece of me